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Pig & Fire pays homage to the lechón and it's embodiment of every Filipino gathering - celebration, family, friendship, and camaraderie.


At the center of every Filipino feast is the lechón, a pork dish known in several regions of the world, specifically Spain and it's former colonial territories, including the Philippines. Lechón is a Spanish word referring to a suckling pig roasted over an open fire.  Considered by most as the national dish of the Philippines, lechón is prepared for every special occasion, festival, or holiday. The pig is roasted rotisserie-style over charcoal for several hours, rendering it's well-known crispy skin yet tender meat.  Chef Anthony Bourdain has touted The Philippine southern island of Cebu as having "The best pig ever." Pig & Fire pays homage to the lechón and it's embodiment of every gathering - celebration, family, friendship, and camaraderie.


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Our Story

When Chef Roel and his wife Jen, a pediatrician, relocated with their young son from Las Vegas to the Chicago area two years ago, they found the Filipino food scene sparse compared to that of the West Coast. Together they’ve created Pig & Fire to bring fresh Filipino and Asian Fusion food to Chicago, with a mission to help drive Filipino food to the forefront and have as many people experience the flavors of Filipino cuisine.



Roel Estanilla is the Executive Chef at Pig & Fire. An Oak Park, IL dad, he has been in the culinary field for over 13 years, having trained by the best chefs on the Las Vegas Strip at the AAA-Five Diamond and Forbes Five-Star Hotel ARIA Resort & Casino and at Mandalay Bay Resort. Roel is no stranger to fast-paced, high-volume food production. He has worked at restaurant, buffet, and banquet services and was part of the team that cooked for President Obama's 2010 presidential banquet held at ARIA.

Born in the Philippines and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Roel's love for cooking started in his mother's kitchen, helping his parents in their catering business in Northern California. His mother, "Nanay” Rosalinda, was known for cooking up flavorful Filipino feasts for every type of gathering. Roel's passion lies in sharing his Filipino roots by preparing his favorite dishes for family, friends, and loved ones, and brings his experience to the catering world to provide top-notch service to every event.

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Jen is Managing Partner at Pig & Fire. She is currently a pediatric resident physician in the Chicago area. As a pediatrician, Dr. Jennifer (as her patients call her) is a passionate advocate for children and is actively involved in health care policy advocacy that benefit children’s health. She volunteers as a reading tutor at their son’s elementary school and at the Cada Paso Walk-with-a-Doc program teaching families and children about health and early literacy in Berwyn, IL. She plans to direct Pig & Fire’s social mission to address food insecurity in Chicago and it’s surrounding neighborhoods. When not taking care of children at the hospital or in clinic, Jen manages Pig & Fire’s general operations, marketing, and serves as all-around kitchen help.